The Salvation Army

Infusing The Salvation Army's Mission into Every Aspect of Their Regional Headquarters' Design.
The Salvation Army
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The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, an international movement known for its humanitarian efforts, aimed to have its regional headquarters reflect its core mission and values. They sought a design that would inspire their employees and remind them daily of the organization's commitment to service, all while requiring a degree of privacy within their workspace.

The main challenge was to capture the essence of The Salvation Army's storied history and its global impact in a design that would be both impactful and timeless. Additionally, the design had to offer functional benefits, such as privacy, without losing sight of the organization's spirit.


Our objective was to create a workspace that was not just a place of employment but a daily representation of The Salvation Army’s mission. The space needed to foster a sense of community and connection among the staff, serving as a constant reminder of their collective purpose.


The reimagined design for The Salvation Army’s regional headquarters was a resounding success, achieving the delicate balance between a bold statement and a subdued, timeless aesthetic. The space now serves as a living reminder of the organization’s dedication to service, resonating deeply with employees and visitors alike.

The satisfaction with the outcome has been such that The Salvation Army has since entrusted Renuvo Design Inc. with multiple projects, including a significant new initiative set to launch in downtown Vancouver. This project stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design in embodying and promoting an organization's mission and values.

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